About Plingdollar

Plingdollar is the various projects and musings of me, Will Speak. I am a computer science graduate and software developer. I have dabbled in a variety of programming languages. When it comes to user interfaces I’d rather have a command line. I have an interest in digital paiting, photography, and a weakness for all things mac.

my face

You can usually find me messing around with some form of software or another, and this has lead to the creation of many projects. I sometimes livestream development on Twitch. When I have the time, or feel the need, I like to post my thoughts on my Blog.

You can follow me on Twitter as @willspeak. Don’t expect me to tell you anything more interesting than the coffee i’m drinking though. As well as my Deviant Art you can find more polished pieces on my Instagram.

Why Plingdollar?

It is a UNIX thing. It is a shell thing. It is what I say in my head every time I type !$, my second favourite shell command after !! (or possibly sudo !!).