Sneakernet Push

I’ve been living without internet recently. That hasn’t stopped me writing code though. If anything it has accelerated the process. I’m mainly using Git these days. It’s more than at home working without a connection to my repos on GitHub. Every now and again I like to back things up though. That’s where the “Sneakernet Push” comes in.

Start by creating a new empty git repository somewhere on the drive you’re going to transfer your data with:

$ mkdir usb.git
$ cd usb.git
$ git init --bare

Add the new repo as a remote so you can push to it easily:

$ git remote add usb file:///Volumes/USB/usb.git

Now you can just push the branches you want to the new git repo on the USB stick:

$ git push usb master:master

The next step is a litre more difficult. Go forth and seek out some wild internet. From there you can get those precious bytes into the cloud with a couple of commands. Open up the usb.git folder, ad the internet remote and push the commits up to it.

$ git remote add origin
$ git push origin master

Sit back, relax, grab a beverage and begin contemplating your next commit.